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Today in this fun blog we are going to talk about why your blog isn’t growing so you did it you started our blog you’re excited to go on this blogging journey to grow your online community to make money blogging but then nobody is reading your content your google analytics is at a constant zero visitors a month and you start to feel disheartened by it all I first want to say that I totally feel you running an online blogging business is challenging at times and it’s certainly not a game for people who just want to make quick cash online and who just love to take shortcuts because when you’re starting a blog you are playing the long term game.

11 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing


Now I want to share with you some common reasons why your blog just isn’t growing and you’re not seeing the results that you’d like to see and you can actually do something about it and get bunch of people reading your blog and make money online and all that good stuff let’s get into it.


1. You Don’t Believe In Yourself

Don’t believe in yourself :- mindset guys I cannot stress just how important working on your mindset is when you are starting a blog or any type of business without doing this proper mindset work it’s going Tobe really hard to succeed that’s better okay so you have to believe that there is a possibility that you will succeed at blogging for you to succeed at blogging you have to believe that your success is inevitable if you don’t believe that you’re going to be a successful blogger you simply won’t so mindset is the first thing that you should work on if you’re not working on your mind set get to it .

2. Not Consistent With Your Content

The second reason why your blog just might not be growing at the pace that you’d wanted to is that you’re not consistent with your content and I know just came back from not doing blogs for two weeks and I get it life can get in the way and it will likely get in the way and I need to do this I need to get back into getting consistent with my content this is something that I constantly work on I’m not perfect and I used to be ahead on content and now I’m not so this week I’m really working on getting ahead on blogs and on blog posts because if you want to see growth with your blog you have to be consistent with the content that you put out there if you are consistent then you can expect your traffic to grow and for your email list to grow as well and search engines like Pinterest and google and even they tend to favor content creators that are consistent with their own content if it’s not going to work for you to post weekly choose a time that works for you I post out every week going forward I’m going to post out a blog post and then the next week it’s blog and then the next week blog next week and then schedule your content days on your calendar so you never miss it.

3. You Don’t Know Your Audience

You have to know the people that you are aiming to help with your content because you have to give them exactly what they want and need the most in the form of your content so your niche the topics that you’re going to write about is going to speak to a certain group of people and the more specific you are about this the better so for example I teach introverts to start blogs I am very specific about the person that I want to reach with my content I’m not teaching everybody about blogging so think about your ideal person who is she or he she’s going to connect to a blog that’s speaking directly to her instead of a blog that’s speaking to everybody I mean I want to learn from a person who is speaking directly to me and my needs so get super clear on your person remember your blog exists to solve a problem to solve the problem of your ideal person so who is she what is she struggling with and help solve that problem with your blog posts and I promise you your person is out there and she’s just waiting for you to tell your story and write your blog post the only way that you can your story is unique there are people out there for everybody the.

4 You’re Not On Pinterest

You’re not on Pinterest :- Pinterest could go on and on about how amazing Pinterest is for blogging and in fact I have created a blog all about how I got more page views to my blog in my first year blogging and i’ll link it right here but if you’re not on Pinterest where are you I don’t know what new be bloggers would do without Pinterest honestly since I started my blogging journey it has been the number one source of traffic for me as I said people that’s a lot of people get yourself on Pinterest asap and see that blog.

5. You Haven't Learned From The Right People

You haven’t learned from the right people:- so I always say learn from people who have the results that you’d like for yourself this is the number one piece of advice that I can give you as a new blogger learn from the people who have what you want because they know the way there they know the steps they know the strategies they know all the how-to’s to get to where you want to go and investing yourself and in your blogging business you can’t expect to learn everything for free online I mean you could but learn from someone that you like that you resonate with that’s going to be the fastest way to see results you could obviously google your way around and learn everything from everybody I found the way that I have learned the best is just to invest in myself take blogging courses learn from one person before I move onto the next strategy because you have to give it enough time you have to give that one strategy enough time to work and if you are learning from everybody that’s too many strategies they’re not going to work if you’re focused on gazillion strategies at a time so learn from people who have the results you want.

6. Your Content Is Just Okay

. Six Your Content Is Just Okay:- value value value you have to go out of your way to provide your audience with amazing value this means that your content has to be nothing less than awesome so it’s not enough to just whip up a blog post that contains 200 words and call it a day if you’re not solving the problem that your headline promises you have to give your audience a value for them to want to stay in your world in your online space and on your blog and sign up for your email list so let your personality shine through in your content but then always refer back to your audience relate back to them and make sure that you solve the problem that your headline promises this is so important so if you’re writing a blog post about how to set amazing goals for 2022 then you need to deliver on that promise and teach them how to set amazing goals so ask yourself have I seriously delivered on the promise of my headline if not go back and rework it seriously guys this is so worth it because your audience is going to fall head over heels for you and they’re going to want to come back to your blog because you solve their problem the first time .

7. You Don't Have An Email List

You don’t have an email list:- build that list ever heard that before having and building an email lists essential to blogging successfully and making money blogging there’s a reason why online marketers say the money is in the list because it really is it is the best way to build trust and connection with your audience and the people on your list will be your most loyal and engaged fans so it’s worth it so build that community of amazing people swoon them weekly by emailing them about your new blog post that just went live if you have not started your email list yet you should do so pronto prompto just do it now sign up for convert kit that’s what I use .

8. Eight You Don't Have A Clear Brand

Eight you don’t have a clear brand :- as much as I’d love to say that your brand just doesn’t matter it kind of does a little bit to be honest though it doesn’t matter as much as your content does but it will have a somewhat effect on the overall experience that your audience has when they visit your blog and that experience is important so decide on a cohesive brand choose two go-to fonts two to three go-to colors that you use and that’s it doesn’t have to be fancy just as to be cohesive .

9. Don't Have An End Goal

Don’t have an end goal:- this one guys is so important I know I say this all the time but get clear on the dream vision for your blog what is your end goal what is it that you want to create what is that dream life and what does it mean to you and don’t lose sight of why you have started your blog in the first place because you need to have a clear direction with your blog in order to eventually get to that dream destination that dream destination you will get there it’s part of the process so you constantly have to remind yourself of why you started your blog and what the end goal.

10. You're Not Treating Your Blog As A Busin

You’re not treating your blog as a business :- when you start a blog you’re starting a business you are you’re a CEO put your ceo on hat what put your ceo hat on you’re starting a business if your goal is to make money with your blog you have to be serious about blogging if you want amazing results and you want to make money blogging hobby blogs don’t make money business blogs do all right guys.

11. You Are Not Marketing Your Blog

You’re not marketing your blog :- so you have written an amazing blog post spent hours on it in fact it just can’t sit on your blog so to speak and wait for people to find it you have to go out there and tell the world wide we ball about it you have to shout it from the roof tops you need to go out there and market your blog and your blog post in order for your target audience to find it so share it on Pinterest , share it on Instagram share it. on Facebook ,email your list let people know about it continue to market your blog post every week because unless you do so there’s and a little extra tip make sure that your blog posts are easily shareable so install a plug-in like grow by media vine to add those sharing buttons on your blog post so people can just share it instantly on whatever platform they want to share it on okay I am out of breath and out of reasons why her blog isn’t growing as you can see there are lots of things that could get in the way of you having success with your blog.


So make sure that you’re not doing all these things that we just went through awareness is the start of change so the minute you get aware of what you’re not doing and what you should do go ahead and do it go ahead and change it up you can absolutely do this if I can go on this crazy blogging journey and make money blogging there’s no reason why you can’t get on that blogging train keep going keep tweaking keep failing and get right back up again because you my friend can totally do this if you have not started your blog yet guys I hope you enjoyed this blog give it a thumbs up if you liked it and I’ll see you next time bye guys.