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In this blog I’m going to share with you useful best chrome extensions for digital marketers and digital creators these  best chrome extensions will make you more productive more organized and overall make your life a lot easier so let’s get start.

best tools for Digital Marketers

Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers

1 Go Full Page The Best Chrome Extention

this is the best chrome extenions for digital marketers Go full page as part of the name suggests it will take screenshots for you but not just any screenshots it will take full web pages from top to bottom now I don’t know what you do as a creator but for me this has been hugely beneficial i want that in my screen tutorials or with my clients showing them an within seconds you’ve got the full website as an image and screenshot from here you will either download it as a pdf or simply download it as a png file.

2 Vidiq

I do use the best chrome extensions for digital arketers and it vidiq is especially useful if you’re a video creator it’ll give you extra analytic sat a glance which you won’t get otherwise so for example with this search i search for fitness which is the workout that i like to incorporate into my health and fitness so for example with this one i don’t need to actually go to that creator’s channel to see how many YouTube followers it’s got you will see more analytics like average views average subscribers of the creators competitor analysis this gives you an idea of what to expect an overall score top channels for this search term and top related opportunities but one of the most powerful vidiq tools is the keyword inspector simply go to the drop down right here go to keyword inspector and now you will search up to five keywords as an example let’s set for email marketing search now it’s giving me the search volume as in how many times this particular search term gets searched every single month competition very low and you will see some related keywords that i will target in my video so in my video title and the description that i add to my video and if you’re running out of content ideas you will look at some of these keyword suggestions like email marketing best practices and create a blog around

3 Keyword Research

Tool that I like to use is called keywords everywhere which is another chrome extension obviously keywords everywhere will show you the search volume, cost per click, competition and trend data once you install keywords everywhere you’ll see this extra analytics box showing you the trend data as well as the search volume so let’s say at the top and you may have noticed the related keywords on the right here so giving you suggestions on what other keywords people are searching for you see here people also search for these and some longer tail keywords ultimately you will use this data to create blog posts or other pieces of content so you will potentially rank for those on google or other search engines.

4 Window Resizer

The next best chrome extension is called window resizer it’s exactly what the chrome extension’s named window resizer you’re able to resize your chrome browser sites right here with all the other chrome extensions and you will pre-select let’s say different sizes in terms of resolution and dimensions this would be handy especially if you’re let’s say designing a website and you want to see how it looks like in particular resolution for me personally I’ve got a custom one called YouTube tutorials this will give me that 1920×1080 aspect ratio but I’ve customized it to 1082 so 2 pixels larger the reason why is because when i do screen tutorials I like to crop it out just a little so that I’m not getting kind of all the way at the edge of that window to create your own custom size window wall you need to do is to click that you will go to settings go to presets this is where you will edit .

Add any presets you want click on the create a new preset choose either window or that actual view point set the size in width and height add a description so that you will tell what that particular preset is and you will actually set the position of that window where it was kind of last save done that’s all done click on save preset and then it’ll see it right here just like my you tube tutorials preset so whenever i want to record a video tutorial just like what I’m doing right here all i need to do is to click that YouTube tutorials preset that will automatically resize that window i don’t know about you but a lot of the times I’m resizing my browser window for particular tasks and things that I’m doing online and i end up losing the sizes of that window so it’s really annoying when it comes to recording video and i have to keep resizing the windows based on that particular dimension or resolution size.


The next  best chrome extension that you’ll absolutely love and find useful is one called COLORZILLA here’s the website and here’s what it does let’s say you go to a particular website and this one’s called black b laze let’s say you love the color palette that they use and you a recurrently designing let’s say social media graphics or your own website you will simply go to the colorzilla icon click on pick color from page and now you just hover over that particular color that you like and as you will see at the top there’s this extra better clicker once to save that particular color and then now you will see the rgb and the color so you know exactly what that color is and from the top you will go back and you’ve got that color saved you will also copy that hex code to clipboard and then paste it into let’s say Photoshop so that’s color zilla in a nut shell

6.LASTPASS best chrome extention

The next chrome extension is called LASTPASS which is a password management tool it sits at the top here on your browser and you will either go to open my vault which contains all your passwords just like the built-in browser password management system it does autofill your username and password saving you time in logging in i also find the generate secure password tool really handy so let’s say you want to create a new password all you need to do is choose the length so let’s say 16 characters and you will choose uppercase and lowercase numbers and symbols combination of all and then save that particular password to use for a specific website that’s one part of last pass what i also like about last pass is that it syncs with the last pass app whether you’re using android or an I phone so it syncs all here so whenever I’m on the go i will get to those particular logins straight on my phone..