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Hello friends in this blog we are going to talk about how to get organic traffic on your website or blog without spending money In this digital era, most of the youngsters know that they can earn money from blogging and they start blogging but they are not able to get money from blogging because they don’t know the process that how to get organic traffic on their website. for this reason, most of the bloggers are not get success in blogging If we talk about the main reasons that they are not able to get organic traffic on their website is that they don’t know about Google algorithm and they are not consistent or they don’t publish on a daily basis on their website

Friends you don’t need to worry about it. in this blog I’m going to discuss those tips and tricks that if you will use in your website and if you use these tips and tricks you will not face lack of traffic on your website If you want organic traffic on your website or if you want at least 50 to 1lack visitors to come on your website then you must follow these tips and tricks.

Top Tips And Tricks To Get Traffic On Your Blog

1. Choose Trending Topics For Your Blog

Choose trending topics for your blog:- in this time if you write your blog on old or random topics that people are not searching it. so you will face difficulties to get traffic on your blog. but if you choose current trending topics so it will be easy for you to get traffic on your website, if you are writing a post on trending topics and if you do only on-page SEO so you can bring traffic easily on your blog.

2. Do Keyword Research

Do Keyword Research:- now you chose topics for your blog after that choose keywords related to your blog topic. While searching keywords keep one thing in mind that the research volume of his keyword must be high and competition must be low for keyword research you can use a free keyword research tool If you want to drive traffic on your blog then you have to target low competition keywords and don’t choose high competition keywords. But if you choose a high competition keyword you have to do wait for a long time If you are going to write a blog on a particular one topic so find keywords related to your topic on google and must do competitors analyses that which keywords your competitor are targeted .

3. Find long-Tail Keywords

Find long-Tail Keywords:- If you target long-tail keywords in your post so there is more chance to get traffic on your blog if we talk about long-tail keywords long-tail keywords are a combination of more than three words if we talk about long-tail keywords benefits so there is least competition on long-tail keywords. There are more chances that your post can rank on google result’s first page means feature snippets If your post will come on Google’s feature snippets so there will be no shortage of traffic on your blog. If you target your keywords according to language so there are more chances to rank on search engines and you can get more traffic on your website There is a simple way to find a long-tail keyword first search your topic on google and google will show you long-tail keywords related to your topic in search results with this help you can find long-tail keywords for your topic .

4. Set a Calendrer To Make Post Publish

Set a Calendrer To Make Post Publish:- if you are doing blogging on regular basis and if you are getting good traffic on your website so you can set a calendar to make your post publish because if you publish your blog at the same time So Google’s crawler notices this activity and helps to rank it on the first page of its search result. This will be beneficial for your readers because if you publish a post according to a scheduled time, then readers stay on your website or blog and they will do trust on you .

This will beneficial for your readers who have subscribed you, they will read your posts as well as new visitors will recommend your post and if you have made a rule that you will publish the post every day, then at least that day. Publish a post so traffic can increase on your website.

5. Write a Long Blog Post

Write a Long Blog Post:- Whenever you write a blog, try to give all the information on that topic because if a reader comes to your website and finds the answer half-incomplete, then he will immediately leave that website, try to give in-depth Answer so readers will feel satisfied and then they will share your post with other peoples. for an example If I search on the internet about digital marketing and if I read any half-written blog then I will immediately go to some other website because it gives bed experience to reader .

6. Do Internal Linking

Do Internal Linking:- Whenever you write a new blog, then definitely link your old blog on the targeted keyword, it will beneficial for your readers. If you will do this with your old blog so that the ranking of your blog’s keyword will increase. Due to internal linking, most of the visitors will stay on your website for a long time, which will also reduce the bounce rate of your website. According to Google, if the bounce rate of your website is low, then it is more likely that your blog will rank on Google’s search results.

7. Optimize Your Websites Loading Speed

Optimize Your Websites Loading Speed:- You should try that the loading speed of your website must be fast because if the loading speed of your website is slow, then if a reader comes to your website or blog and in the meantime, if your blog does not open, then it will be irritating for your readers.then they Will go on other website so the bounce rate of your blog will increase and there is also a fear that your blog will not show in the search result or your blog ranking in search result may get spoiled.

So check your blog with the help of page speed insight tool, try to find what could be the problem with your website, maybe you have not compressed the image or you have done any deficiency in your script, there are many reasons due to which your website’s speed. If the speed of your website may decreases then find it and solve it

8. Add Social Sharing Button On Your Blog

Add Social Sharing Button On Your Blog:- Friends, if you start blogging, then keep in mind that you should use the social sharing button in every post of your blog so if a reader falls on your blog and if someone likes your blog, then they can share that blog. Share your blog on your social media sites. If your website is on WordPress, you can use social sharing plug-ins.

9. Add video in a blog post

Add video in a blog post:- In a blog post add a video related to the blog because it will increase visitors engagement in the blog there are so many visitors who don’t like to read a contant so they can grab knowledge through video.

10. Encourage Your Reader For Subscribe Your Blog

Encourage Your Reader For Subscribe Your Blog:- You can ask to your readers for an action, for example, you can say if they like your blog so please like, share, subscribe and if they have any queries ask in the comment section so it will good for your blog or website because if they share your blog on their social media platforms so you will get more follower and there are more chances to rank your blog. so guys please like my blog ,share my blog with your friends .

11. Use Q&A Website

Use Q&A Website:- Friends, many people are looking for their answers on the question answer website, then you can use these websites to bring traffic on your blog or website, for this you can go on a question-answer website and give the answer of the question there. You can give a link to your blog so that people can come and read your blog. For example, by visiting such a website like quora.com, you can give the answer to their question, and together you can give a link to your blog or website so that people can come to your website and read the answer. If they like then they will definitely subscribe to your website.

12. Make Groups On Social Media Sites

Make Groups On Social Media Sites: – Make your groups on the top 10 social media sites and share your blog post on a regular basis so it will help to increase traffic on your website.


Friends, in today’s blog we talked about how you can bring traffic to your blog, for this you have to write a blog on trending topics on daily basis, publish at a fixed time, they can share it on their social media sites, and whatever I have given you tips. You have to follow it so that you can easily bring traffic to your website. So friends if you like this blog of mine then please subscribe to my blog like share with your friends and if you have any queries related to this blog then please comment in the comment section I will answer your questions as soon as possible I will try to answer your question thank you for giving your valuable time.