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seo rules

Search Engine Optimization

Friends, today in this blog we are going to talk about what is search engine optimization and how important is SEO, There are many people who want to know about SEO, people are interested in blogging but they do not know about SEO because SEO and Blogging are two sides of the same coin, without SEO we cannot do blogging.

What is SEO and why is it important for blogging, this question bothers everyone. New bloggers have to face a lot of trouble at the beginning. about SEO because in
today’s digital age if you have to bring your idea to millions of people. so, then you must know about SEO
Here, whether you can reach your words to millions of people through your content, but for that, you have to make your place on the first page of the search engine because this is the place where you can reach your words to millions of people.
Because people trust more on the first page of the search engine
But reaching the first page is not an easy task because to come on the search engine’s first result, you have to do SEO of your article properly.
First, you have to optimize your article so that it can come on the first page and today we will learn what SEO is and how we can use it.
SEO is the life of blogging because without SEO we cannot become successful bloggers, this is because if you are writing as good an article as you want, but if
you do not bring it to the first page of the search engine result, then People can’t see so all your hard work will go into the water
So if you want to make blogging your career in the future, then you should know about SEO so you can do it well in the future.
By the way, there is no one rule of SEO because the rules of SEO often change, so if someone tells you that he is a master in SEO or an SEO expert, then do not believe them because the rules of SEO are not always the same. SEO rules are changed from time to time
But the fundamentals of the SEO guide always remain the same, if you want to become a successful blogger then you should keep yourself updated with the techniques of SEO.

What Is Search Engine Optimization ?

Suppose you go to Google and type some keywords and search, then all the answers you can see related to that keyword, you can see in the search result and the results we see are all in different blogs. visible to us The results that we see on the first page of the Google search engine mean that SEO has been used well in this blog, due to which that article is showing on Google’s search results. If your website appears at the top of the search results, then millions of visitors will come to your site, so the traffic of your website will also increase so that you will start earning a good income in the future. SEO is used to bring organic traffic to the website .

Why SEO is important for blogging

So we talked about what is SEO, now we talk about why SEO is important for blogging
Suppose you created a website, you also published high-quality content on it, but if you do not use SEO in it, then that content will not be able to come in the search
results and will not reach in front of people, it will not be useful to write your blog.
SEO plays an important role to increase the traffic of any site, puts you ahead in any competition, for example, there are two websites that want to sell their goods online but one website has SEO of its website. So it has more chances that it can attract its customers
and increase its sales while other websites will not be able to do this and will not be able to earn any profit.

Types Of SEO

Let’s talk about how many types of SEO. there are three types of SEO 1 on-page SEO 2 off-page SEO 3 technical SEO

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is used in your website blog, in this, you have to design your website properly and make it SEO friendly. To use SEO, you have to use a good template in your website and high Have to write quality content and use keywords that are most searched in search engines Keywords have to be used in the right place on the page, such as in the title, the advantage of using keywords in the content in the meta description is so that Google can know which topic your content is on so that it will soon rank on Google search results. and thereby increase traffic to your blog

How To Do On-Page SEO

1 Website Speed

Website speed plays an important role in on-page SEO, in a survey it has been found that if a user visits a website, he stays on that website for 5 to 6 seconds and if the website does not open in the meantime, then he Goes to another website, if this happens then a negative signal goes to Google that your website is not SEO friendly, this makes it difficult for your website to stay on the search result, so try to maintain the speed of your website Or by following some things, you can maintain the speed of your website. 1 You have to use simple and attractive themes on your website 2 AT least use as few plugins as possible 3 Keep the size of the image in kb, keep it at least size 4 Use plugins like WP super cache .

2 Navigation of the website

Website should be easy for the user and Google to move around so that the user and Google can go from one page to another without any problem because the more the navigation of the website, the more search engine becomes easier to navigate the website.

3 Title Tag

Title tag: If you want to become a successful blogger, then you should make the title of your blog attractive so the user feels like click immediately and so your websites’ click-through rate (CTR) will increase how to make a good title tag You do not use more than 65 words in the title of your blog because using more than 65 words does not show the title tag in google search.

4 post Url

Always try to keep the URL of your post as short and simple as possible .

5 Internal link

Interlinking plays an important role in ranking the post. you can interlink your related pages with each other and you can easily rank all the interlinked pages.

6 Alt Tag

Make sure to use the image in the post of your website because it will make your post look more attractive and you can get a lot of traffic from the image and do not.

7 Content, Heading, And Keywords

We all know that content is called the king, so try that you must use at least 800 to 1000 words in your content because the more words you use in your content, it will rank your blog. And never steal or copy anyone’s content and always try to keep your content original .

What Is Off-Page SEO

If we talk about off-page SEO, then those techniques are used in off-page SEO, which increases the authority of your domain. off-page seo is done outside of websit through off-page SEO, you can easily promote your blogs, to promote through off-page SEO, we need to go on famous blogs by going to the comment section of their articles and link to your website. It has to be given, in other words, we can also call backling, using backlinks we can increase the domain authority on our page, often bloggers use backlinks to increase the domain authority of their website. To increase the visitors to your website, you can increase your followers on social networking sites like Twitter, Quora, or Facebook by creating your website page and through this, you can also increase the number of visitors to your website .

How To Do On-Page SEO

1 Bookmarking:

Bookmarking:- you can submit the blogs of your website to the website with bookmarking.

2 Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission:- You can submit your website to all search engines inside the search engine submission.

3 Social Media

By going on social media, you can create a profile and page on your social media and add a link to your website on your social media so that more and more visitors can come to your website.

4 Directory Submission

Directory Submission:- In this, you can submit the page of your website or blog to a directory with a popular high PR.

5 Classified Submission:

Classified Submission:- You can advertise your website for free by going to the classified website.

6 Blog Comments

Blog Comments: Inside blog commenting, you can go to the website related to your website and comment below their blog and give a link to your blog there.

7 Q&A Sites

Q&A Sites:- You can go on any question answer site and answer the question there and give a link to your website or blog. for example, if you go on quora and give the answer And together you can give a link on your blog so that more and more visitors can come to your website from your link.

8 Pinterest

Pinterest:- You can share the image of your website on Pinterest with the help of Pinterest, this is a great way to increase traffic to your website.

9 Guest Posting

Guest Posting:- Through guest posting, you can increase traffic on your website, for this, you can do guest posting by visiting the website related to your website and give a link to your website in that post so that link. More visitors can come to your website

What Is Technical SEO ?

Technical SEO is a part of search engine optimization so that we can optimize our website well, if you want to increase your website traffic, then you have to do on-page SEO and off-page SEO as well as technical SEO right now. you Have to pay attention because technical SEO Plays an important role in search results If you want to get your website ranked on the search engine, then Google not only looks at your keywords or backlinks but also sees your technical analysis.


In this blog we discussed all things releted to seo so Friends, if you liked this blog of mine, then please like, and comment on my blog, and do not forget to share with your friend, if you have any queries related to this blog, then definitely tell in the comment section, I will try to give a solution to your question as soon as possible Thank you for giving your valuable time to answer your questions .