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Why digital marketing is so famouse becouse now Internet has made our life easy, now we can do shopping , book tickets,online transaction, pay bills in our comfort zone without going anywhere if we feel hungry then we can order food with the help of internet, we can order clothes, this has been possible only because of the internet. since 2016 after jio revolution in India, the price of the internet has become so cheap like water, taking advantage of it, now these days everyone wants to promote their business digitally because they can promote their product and service globally and get more benefits in a small period of time now this time not only businessmen but also small enterprises are taking orders from abroad by bringing their business on the internet and taking there business from local to global that’s why digital marketing is so famouse

what is digital marketing?

Definition: In digital marketing, we can easily promote our product and service through the internet Digital marketing is a way in which we make our goods and services
easily accessible to the people through the internet

Digital marketing has reached its height after the arrival of Jio in India, and after that’s why digital marketing is so famouse today everyone can promote their business through digital marketing and can bring more and more customers to their shop. All couldn’t be possible in traditional marketing, because in traditional marketing we can’t promote and sell our product and service globally , but through digital marketing, you can bring our product and service to entire the world like amazon

Why Digital Marketing Is So Famouse ?

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If we talk about the benefits of digital marketing, then according to research it has been found that before making a purchase 80% of people go on online and researches about the product and services then they decide whether they should get that service and should buy the item or not. If we talk about traditional marketing, then we have to spend lakhs of rupees to promote it, but in digital marketing, we can promote only within ₹ 100 in which we tell as many people as possible about our goods and services. You can market it. In traditional marketing, you have to spend lakhs for a separate shop, but in digital marketing, you do not need to buy a separate shop, you can easily buy your shop online, which costs a few thousand rupees. It is more economical, anyone can buy it easily and in this, you can send your service and product not only in one country but also in other countries. now everybody using social media and day by day social media users are increasing and they spend their time on social media according to research everyone spends there time on average 3 houses per day so we can connect millions of people at the same time and use social media for sale

Elements of digital marketing

types of digital marketing

There is only one way to do digital marketing, engineers, we can do digital marketing with the help of many websites, so let’s talk about this type.

Search Engine Optimization

Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Optimization We bring our website to the top of the search results so that we can reach our website to more and more people and
get the benefits of it SEO is divided into three parts: First on Page SEO, Off-Page SEO Third Technical SEO

Social Media

Social media is made up of many websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, etc. Social media is an effective way to reach more and more people, nowadays companies are promoting their goods and services through social media only. Today all the leaders, actors, and companies are present on social media because they understand the power of social media and through it, they can reach their ideas to more and more people.

E-Mail Marketing

Through email marketing, any company can easily provide information about its goods and services to its customers and also promote its goods and services. Today every company is using e-mail marketing so that maximum profit can be earned through it.

App Marketing

Today, all the world’s big websites have made their apps available on the play store because the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, through this app marketing is a very simple way in which companies sell their goods and services as much as possible. Can easily reach more people like Zomato, Ola, etc.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Today, if someone wants to market his goods and services, then he does not need to spend lakhs of rupees, today he can promote his goods and services with the help of only ₹ 100, that too through pay per click marketing. If click on your ad, then you have to pay money according to every click.

Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you give information about goods and services to people and if someone wants to buy any item from your link, then you get a commission from it,
through this you can earn lakhs of rupees per month, in this, you will get affiliate status in your video or block. The link has to be given so that anyone can easily buy the goods by clicking on that link.


In digital marketing, individuals can easily reach their goods and services to more and more people, that too in a short time period. In the coming time, the potential of digital marketing is increasing, so more and more people are adopting digital media so that it can be taken advantage of in the future. Digital marketing has provided new employment opportunities to the people, till now crores of people have made their career in digital marketing and have been If we talk about India, then India has made its place in the form of a huge market where people from abroad want to spread their business in India like Flipkart Amazon, so friends, if you have any questions related to digital marketing, then definitely in the comment section. Ask We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible and if you liked this block of ours, then please follow our website, like the blog, comment and share your And share with your friends so that they too can get information related to digital marketing thanks for giving your valuable time